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I'm a neat freak, bear with me.

Apps: Usagi, Mac, Fujisaki, Joshua, Kizna
Stats and Permission Memes & Appearance Memes: Usagi, Mac, Fujisaki, Joshua, Kizna
Anon Crit Memes: Usagi, Mac, Fujisaki, Joshua, Kizna
IC Jumping/Thread Continuation Posts: Usagi, Mac, Fujisaki, Joshua, Kizna

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One! I'm going home this weekend, so random hours of being online are a go!

Two! I am deleting all of Usagi's icons so very soon so I can finally re-vamp her icons from the ground up after I get my 600+ icons out of the manga. I'm going to try threading during, so things may look weird in-thread and all the old threads will look super weird.

Three! Good luck to all the appers!

i use this icon too much

To all you wonder iconists and people who want to help a poor bunny out:

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Baaa. And this meme reminds me that I should fix up some of Usagi's icons.

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick three of your icons for each of your characters.
2. I might ask specific questions about the icons! What context were they pulled from; what coloring technique you used, wtf is with those keywords, ect.
3. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
4. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.

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idk sou?

This is just covering some things that have come up with Usagi in the course of a year, touching on where she's at and what she's thinking.

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Oh, and in case anyone missed it, Usagi is post-S ala sometime in December.

cabin group call!

This is kind of late, but whatever!

Basically, this is a forum for all the members of the Magical Girls Cabin (Usagi, Ami, Teito, Mikage, Etna, Seiya, Subaru, and Hokuto!) to chat about what's up cabin-wise since we're all on at random hours and so we can all agree and know what is going on. Think of it like an off-screen meme for cabins! Quick-like, here is the original planning post which still holds valid!


For March 1st and on! Same format as the first and second ones!

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trauma list

Because it amuses me and Haru's post reminded me-- Every trauma Usagi has ever had up to the S season in chronological order. I'm skipping over some of the minor ones even.

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app meme

I did not wait a month to do this. Not at all.

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